Laser Tattoo Removal

Karleen Lunnon from Beauty Cognition
Karleen Lunnon is a Wellington Institute of Technology Level 5 (City and Guilds) qualified Beauty Therapist who has
specialized in Laser, IPL treatments and Tattoo Removal treatment since 2006. In addition to this Karleen has gained
additional certifications in Laser and Tattoo removal from the Fleming Laser Institute (Melbourne, Australia) in 2009,
2011 and 2013.

With her skills and experience, Karleen is able to remove tattoos containing black, red, yellow and dark green ink.
Please note that tattoos with white pigments cannot be removed.
It can take between 4 to 10 treatments to remove a tattoo, depending on the type of ink, skin type and layers in the

Clients should allow 6 to 8 weeks between treatments. Again, please note the tattoo will keep fading for several
months after even just one treatment.
When treated, clients can expect whitening (or frosting) of the skin around the treated area, as well as swelling, pin-
point bleeding and redness, much like sunburn.

It is very important that the client ensures that the treated area is NOT exposed to the sun before and after treatments
or whilst the skin is healing.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

What colours can be removed?

Most colours can be removed with the Q Switched Nd Yag Laser.
Black, red, yellow and dark green are the easiest to remove.
Orange, Light blues and light greens are more difficult.
White pigments cannot be removed.

Rethinking your ink design:

If you want to change part of your tattoo or fade it enough to have a new design this may only take 2-3 treatments but the area must be fully healed before any new work can be done.

How many treatments?

On average most clients take 6-12 treatments to achieve the result they want. The factors that determine this include-

Type of Ink:


The layers of the tattoo:

People can have different responses to laser treatment.
Home-made or professional tattoos?
How many colours are used in the tattoo?
After each treatment, we recommend waiting for 6 – 8 weeks before your next session.
Your body will still be fading the tattoo for several months after even just one treatment.

Is it painful?

Everyone responds differently.
Depending where the tattoo is can determine the sensitivity for feeling pain.
We can numb your skin with topical anaesthetic and use ice.
Treatments are usually very quick.

What to expect?

Immediate whitening – Frosting, swelling, pinpoint bleeding and redness similar to sunburn.
The Tattoo is then covered with a waterproof dressing which will not adhere to the skin as it’s healing and the area is to be kept covered and dry for 72 hours.
No unprotected Sun exposure on the tattoo removal site before each session or after while it is healing.

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