MediHand Deluxe (75minutes | $97.00)

Your nails will be cleaned, whitened, shaped, buffed and cuticles tidied before your hands and lower arms are exfoliated and then massaged using age defying hand therapy creams. A rich clay mask is applied before a coating of soothing paraffin. Finish off with a standard polish of your choice, age reversal hand cream and a spritz of gold dust.

Medihand Revive (60 minutes | $84.00)

After soaking in illuminating nail cleaner, nails are shaped, buffed and cuticles are cared for. Hands and lower arms exfoliated, followed by a standard polish of choice, age reversal SPF 30 hand cream, and a delicious gold dust spritz.

MediHand Petite (45 minutes | $65.00)

Nails are shaped, buffed and cuticles cared for with a blend of 8 oils and 2 flower extracts, finish off with a standard polish of choice and a dazzle of gold dust.


MediHeel Deluxe (75 minutes | $107.00)

The perfect blend of products are utilized to ensure a long lasting pedicure. An application of callus tonic starts the treatment before your nails are buffed and cuticles treated. A skin smoothing AHA exfoliant is applied before a Rosemary and Tea-Tree Foot Soak relieves your tired feet. A rich clay mask moisturises your feet before they are enveloped in soothing paraffin. Finally, a polish colour of your choice before a dusting of gold sparkles.

MediHeel Revive (60 minutes | $90.00)

A callus tonic removes dead skin from your feet and heels without the need for traditional blading or filing. Nails are then shaped and buffed, whilst cuticles are tidied. Enjoy a skin smoothing AHA exfoliation followed by a superb foot and lower leg massage. Complete the treatment with a polish of your choice and a spritz of gold dust.

MediHeel Petite (45 minutes | $70.00)

The treatment commences with a callus tonic, your nails are shaped, buffed and cuticles tidied. Then your choice of a polish application and a spritz of gold dust.



A new innovation in nail technology. Shellac is cured so it has no drying time. It is thin and flexible like a polish and provides high gloss shine for up to 14 days without chipping!

Shellac Manicure $67.00

​Shellac Pedicure $77.00

​Shellac Removal / Repair $22.00