At House of Beauty Medi Spa, we are dedicated to offering you advanced skin treatments and a range of luxurious beauty therapies, together with salon exclusive professional home care products to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment options. Our experienced, highly qualified staff are committed to attending to your individual skin concerns and utilize specialized equipment and products to ensure your experience is both pleasurable and provides you with your desired results.


At House of Beauty Medi Spa, we take treating your skin very seriously. Whether your desire is to relax and be totally pampered or to treat a particular skin condition, our expert staff have the perfect solution.

We specialize in:

  • Age management treatments

  • Relaxation and pampering packages

  • Acne prone skin concerns

  • Pigmentation and uneven skin colour

  • Skin Needling & skin smoothing peels

  • Firming and toning solutions

Our staff will analyse your skin, then in consultation with you recommend a programme of treatments and a regime of home care products for your skin’s individual requirements.

 Facial / Skin Care Consultation (30mins | $60)


 Medi Facial (90mins | $180.00)

Medi Facials are medical strength facial treatments. Your aesthetician will assess your skin with a comprehensive skin analysis before the treatment that consists of cosmeceutical grade products and a range of services utilizing specialized equipment and/or customized skin peels to ensure the best possible results. Ideal for skin concerns such as pigmentation, fine lines, redness and veins, acne or skin smoothing.


Advanced Facial (75mins | $160.00)

Your therapist will select specialized serums and treatment masques to suit your individual skin’s requirements and provide the most advanced defence against ageing. Incorporates a deep exfoliation, serum infusion, hand or foot treatment, an amazing scalp, neck and shoulder massage.


Treatment Facial ( 60min | $138.00)

As with all facials at House of Beauty, you can expect a comprehensive skin consultation to ascertain exactly what your skin requires before a deep cleanse, exfoliation, personalized masques and serums, infused with a delightful face neck and shoulder massage.

Petite Facial (45min | $90.00)

Designed especially for busy clients this is a full facial complete with double cleanse, revitalising serums and specialised masques but with less emphasis on the relaxing massage.